Dagmar Beckel Mac hyckova  
A110 Spania Dolina MTTF, am Dagmar Beckel Machyckova
Spania Dolina is a village in Slovakia, where bobbin lace was used as a main source of income for families of miners. A traditionally colorful lace used to decorate folk clothing in Central and Eastern Europe, it is a form of continuous lace. To be authentic it has to be made of a minimum of 25 pairs, roughly 3.25 inches in width. Students will start with a simple pattern of 11 pairs and work their way up to a full doily edging of 25 pairs. Dagmar has been making bobbin lace since she was 9 years old. She has a degree in Lace Making from the Czech School Institute of Art Manufacturing and has been published in Krajka Lace Magazine. She will accompany the quiet moments of lacemaking by reading stories of European lacemakers from the 1800;s. Basic bobbin lace skills are required.


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